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May 24, 2011

Being Perfect


My life is an open book
except the parts that I don’t want you to see.
All of those parts are just for me and for the people who get
too close.

Because not everything I’ve done and not everything I do
Is up to the standards that you would expect out of me
Not every decision I’ve made is perfectly aligned with the way I was raised;
my beautiful education.
You know?
sometimes my choices have made my mother cry
and my friends have pointed their fingers
but even if my GPA doesn’t show it, I’m just a regular guy.
who likes to makes mistakes once in a while.
You see there’ve been plenty of times when I’ve stumbled and fallen
And not all of those times were because I didn’t have a choice
Or because I didn’t know better
It was just a decision I made
Because I didn’t want to be perfect

Who wants that?

My life is an open book
Except the parts I don’t want you to see.
Those parts are hidden chapters with thrown away keys
Encrypted in solitude by a code undefined.
I’ll leave them in peace so that one day when I find
them searching for memories,
I’ll learn a lesson or two…
and maybe pass it along into someone else’s book.

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