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Jan 09, 2016

Levels of Talk


The levels of conversation (from small to big) in the modern world:

  1. One liners, silly flirting, gifs
  2. Normal ASL boring stuff like “what do you do?” and “oh what are your hobbies” and “do you even lift bro”
  3. Starts getting into some more substantial stuff like goals and aspirations
  4. Pseudo-intellectual B.S. that can sometimes be fun to debate. (“what is the meaning of life”, “what’s the point”, “is there even such a thing as too many cookies?”)
  5. Gets to heavier stuff talking about fears and insecurities
  6. World exploration topics like art and politics and establishing opinions on them
  7. Real intellectual stuff. Similar to #4, but you aren’t just quoting other people anymore, you’re letting #5 and #6 guide the conversation
  8. Daily life. Talking about what color your poop was that day and what time you picked your nose. Stuff you can’t really talk about with basically 100% of people.

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