Mehul Kar

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Skills & Experience


I like Ruby and feel comfortable with Python and Javascript. I've dabbled Swift/Go/Rust, but haven't had a reason to build something meaningful in them.

Architecturally, I'm constantly learning, but I've recently started "thinking in objects" (to a much greater extent than just writing classes) and am loving it. I've formed a few opinions about object design, and so far they are serving me well.


I'm comfortable with writing CSS and Javascript for browsers. Most of my experience is with Ember.js, but I've also worked briefly with Backbone and Angular.js. I've never felt the need to use CSS framework, and find them bloated, but I'd like to learn more about modern CSS architecture and patterns that have worked well; my CSS often ends up being disorganized as the project grows.

I love thinking about UX, but my visual design aesthetic is limited. I can usually make things work by sticking to simple palettes and layouts.


I wouldn't define myself as an operations or a sys admin, but I know my way around a *nix machine and can debug basic issues. I've dabbled with Docker and once built a boiled-down CI system on top of Jenkins that ran tests inside Vagrant machines.

Don't ask me about distributed systems, but I think a small amount of microservicing is a good thing. By the time I get to a significant amount of usage, I've always switched to a PaaS though, so my experience with load balancing and redundancy is limited.


I like the Scrum approach of resetting expectations every 2 weeks and have helped my team get started with it. I've contributed to projects where someone else called the shots, and I've started and maintained projects by myself. I appreciate the effort it takes to manage a project--in communicating with customers and management and designing roadmaps for team members.


I am not looking for new opportunities right now (in the sense that I don't want to set off any alarms at my current job), but I'm always interested to see where I can make the best use of skills & experience. If I were to leave Apple, it would be for one of these things:

  1. A long term mission that keeps me up at night
  2. A team that cares about their work and has a high amount of energy
  3. A salary that is much higher than my current one