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Apr 17, 2011

Impromptu Light Hearted Verses


I can be your scapegoat
If you will be my sailboat
Help me catch this tide
Leave it all on the shoreside,
We can be as wild or as tame as we like,
Depending on the wind and the waves that we ride
I know you need a reason to run out free
Baby make up an excuse and call it me.

I can be your alibi
If you will be my fancy tie
We’ll cruise the streets in limousines
I’ll buy you suits and shiny pins
On our own we’ll be alone
Together we’d get Al Capone.
I know that we’re not not really spies
But girl let me be your disguise.

Maybe I’ll keep adding to this. The first verse was inspired by the word scapegoat. The second verse was inspired by Chuck. It sounds better if you rap it.

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