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Jul 01 Stateful Programming
Jun 27 Confidence
Jun 10 #EmberJS2019: Roadmap Response
Feb 27 10% Human
Jan 04 Getting Surprised By Technology


Jul 02 5 Strategies To Refactoring Architecture
Apr 24 Debugging Flaky Ember Tests
Apr 11 Auto Closing Attribute Selectors?
Mar 09 Change Git Commit Authors
Mar 09 CORS and Preflight Requests
Jan 22 EventListener objects
Jan 12 Disabled Inputs
Jan 02 Instapaper Wish List


Dec 07 Ember Object Model extend vs create
Dec 04 Ember core classes cheatsheet
Nov 20 stdout vs stderr
Oct 17 Using Python Virtualenvs
Sep 29 Simple Vs. Simplistic
Aug 14 Reduce
Jun 22 Phir Se
Jun 14 Blockchain Mining and Transferring
May 25 Incentive
May 19 Regex: The Greedy Dot Star
May 02 How I Debugged The Last Thing
Apr 19 The Factory Pattern and Circular Dependencies
Mar 06 Switching to Functional CSS
Feb 10 Ruby callable methods
Feb 08 Neat Recursion Trick with UNIX Signals
Jan 01 Paon Ki Tezi
Jan 01 2017: Home Screen


Dec 26 nani
Dec 03 Japan Journal
Oct 07 The Senior Software Engineer - Reading Log
Aug 28 UI architecture
Aug 25 Magic
Aug 10 Descriptivism
Jul 19 Nothing In Your Head
Jun 10 A Brief History of Nuclear Diplomacy
Mar 30 Open Ember Questions
Mar 07 3 years of API development
Feb 26 That single moment
Feb 24 Linkedin is even less useful to me now
Jan 09 Levels of Talk
Jan 08 2016: Home Screen


Sep 25 Bringing Down the... Website?
Sep 18 Where Have All The Bards Gone?
Sep 04 No Words
Aug 30 Stochastic Self Similarity
Aug 25 Why Product Management is Hard
Aug 21 Good Morning Son
Aug 14 Ukeleles
Aug 07 Feeling Good
Jul 24 Grand & Picturesque
Jul 17 Really Thrilling & Cosmic
Jul 10 Me Gustas Tu
Jul 05 I Don't Know What A Deductible Is
Jul 03 We Are Nowhere, And It's Now.
Jun 26 One. Catchy. Bengali. Number.
Jun 19 Khalbali
Jun 12 People let me paint a picture
Jun 05 Every Week In Your Inbox
May 29 Triple Threat
May 26 Unit Testing: Interface vs. Implementation
May 22 How Do I Make You Feel
May 15 every week to your inbox
May 08 Legacy
May 01 The Guy Next Door
Apr 15 Go Home


Oct 04 How Rails Works
Oct 01 Active Model Serializers has_many association
Sep 30 Protips: brought to you by pain
Sep 26 What is a website?
Sep 26 Programming Fundamentals
Aug 21 Cherry pick commit OUT of history
Apr 17 Born To Run
Mar 12 Goals for 2014
Mar 01 Auxiliary Business
Feb 26 Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable


Jul 18 Why I Work On CollegeDesis
Feb 27 The 5 Stages of Asking Questions
Jan 09 Rails Postgres OSX Install


Dec 06 The Mechanics of Transcendental Meditation
Jul 10 Alan Kay on The Web
Jul 03 Textbooks are Broken
May 12 Humanizing People Isn't Feasible In Many Industries
May 12 The Power Of Social Media
Apr 01 “Called id for nil, which would mistakenly be 4”
Mar 17 Method Names And Variables Are The Same Thing
Mar 09 Pockets of Culture & Packets of Color
Feb 18 The Art of Being Confused
Feb 10 Friday morning bootcamp blues (in Ruby)
Jan 06 Yaadon Ki Qawwali


Sep 11 The Victories No One Cares About
Jun 16 A Toast, Impromptu
Jun 06 Just Say It
May 24 Blind Faith
May 24 Being Perfect
Apr 17 Impromptu Light Hearted Verses
Apr 16 The Man Who Beat Me
Mar 15 Remarkable
Mar 07 An Informal Commencement Speech
Feb 16 Getting Noticed Has Nothing To Do With Talent
Feb 03 Structure
Jan 10 Week 10: The Finish
Jan 04 Week 9: Patience


Dec 28 Week 8: Looking Ahead
Dec 22 Week 7: Surprises
Dec 14 Say No To Saying Yes
Dec 14 Week 6: Battling Fear
Dec 07 Week 5: Pressure
Nov 30 Week 4: Awareness
Nov 23 Week 3: Speed
Nov 22 The Things We Exaggerate
Nov 16 Week 2: Grace
Nov 09 Week 1: Purpose
Nov 08 I Don't Want To Talk To You
Nov 03 Why Glee Is Such A Big Hit
Oct 08 An Explanation of Microfinance
Sep 26 The Future Of Consumerism
May 20 Building Social Business
May 19 Teachers
May 10 You Can Be Amazing For No Reason
May 03 Slow Me Down
Jan 27 Networking Training Seminar