Mehul Kar

Jun 05, 2015

Every Week In Your Inbox


I highly recommend going to open mic nights and sitting in a corner with a cup of tea. 

  1. Shilong Chamber Choir with the quintessential Dil Hai Chhota Sa. Apparently SCC won India’s Got Talent in 2010, but I just discovered them 2 days ago.
  2. I heard Devil’s Southern Soul at an open mic night and am instantly captivated by the bluegrass. Is there a word for nostalgia of traveling bards from a Middle Earth that I’ve only read about in fantasy novels?
  3. My favorite part of Shadow Song is Erin Bower’s quote on her website: “I know these are not earth-shattering contributions, but they are mine, and I’m doing it”

What have you been listening to this week?

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