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Jan 2, 2022

Cookie Log - Jan 2, 2022

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  • Made 1/2 sizes of https://www.marthastewart.com/344840/soft-and-chewy-chocolate-chip-cookies.
  • Forgot to 1/2 the salt amount and used the full 1 tsp.
  • Oiled pan with olive oil (lightly and spread with brush) instead of parchment paper.
  • Took out of oven at 16 mins, still too soft, put back in for 3 more mins. Recipe calls for 8-10 mins total.
  • Took out at total 19 mins (+time they were out at min 16 earlier).

baker notes

  • Feel Too soft (poking with spatula).
    • Olive oil could be cause of too soft.
  • Browning/crisp on sides, but middle is soft.
  • Color is too light, look under cooked.
  • Color and hardness improved after sitting out for 3 minutes.

taster notes

  • choco chips didn't melt all the way through (maybe need better quality ingredient?)
    • chef note: try chocolate chunks instead
  • cookies too white, why no brown?
    • chef note: maybe sugar wasn't brown sugar? or maybe on wrong rack in oven for browning?
a baking tray of delicious cookies
Photo Credit: @_amishap

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