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Feb 27, 2019

10% Human


I wouldn’t classify 10% Human as eye opening. Much of the advice in it included things like: “medication has unintended side-effects” and “eat more fibre” and “the human body is more complex than you can imagine”. Thing I enjoyed the most about it is how it back explains much of this advice and breaks it down with science. I also enjoyed how its written very much in a “this is what we know so far” way, rather than “this is what is true” way.

Here is a decent list of highlights from my Kindle reading that should give you enough incentive to also read the book. I definiely recommend it.


Two tangential notes:

  1. I finally finished an entire book! I started this book in 2018 being extremely determined to finish it slowly and steadily by reading only 10 minutes per day. That got me about 60% of the way through the book and then it just fell by the wayside for so long that I lost my Kindle charger during that time. I feel really good about finally finishing. The kindle version ends at about 70% progress, and the rest of an index/pictures/and epilogues; that was a nice surprise.
  2. At some point, I’d like to figure out a way to syndicate notes/highlights from Kindle into this website directly, instead of linking out. Kindle itself doesn’t seem to offer a way to do this, but Goodreads might. And there’s always scraping solutions.

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